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The Leary Construction Company was founded by C.J. Leary in 1939 and became incorporated in 1946.
We perform water tank maintenance in the Midwest as well as the Northeast and Southeast.
Through the past six decades the Company has remained in the family. Passed down from Father to Son
and is now overseen by Chuck Leary of the third generation. Although we have had our share of challenges through the years, the Company has proven to be steadfast and continues to expand our scope of Operations.

The Full Service Tank Company

The Estimated life of a steel water storage tank is fifty years or more. Unless maintained
and protected against corrosion the actual life may be much less.

To insure against the cost of replacing tank components such as roofs, bottoms, etc.,
damage by corrosion, a tank should be cleaned out and inspected each year. In addition
the structure should be periodically repainted inside and out before corrosion is permitted
to cause damage.

The Leary Construction Company, Inc., has complete inspectors (NACE Trained). skilled
workman, modern tools and equipment, and complete insurance coverage to perform
any type of maintenance necessary to keep you tank and its accessories in first class condition.

The Leary Construction Company, Inc., can also protect your structure against corrosion
for a stipulated number of years at a fixed yearly cost.

Interior coatings meet NSF STANDARD #61

One of our representatives is available at your request to inspect your tank to aid you in
any maintenance problems you may have. This service places you under no obligation to
The Leary Construction Company, Inc.

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